1. Integration Woocommerce <> MetaKocka

The integration of the online store  Woocommerce with MetaKocka enables:

- automatic transfers of orders with all customer data (recipient, payer, type of payment, discounts and ordered items)

- synchronization of items (items can be transferred from the online store to MetaKocka with all the data you have already entered in the online store)

- automatic stock synchronisation. 

- automatic Invoice creation after order is transferred to MetaKocka, 

- automatic stock reduction

- automatic fiscalization ( Ministry of finance) for invoices

1.1 To establish a connection with the Woocommerce store, it is necessary to obtain the following information from the Woocommerce store:

Steps needed are shown bellow


New WC version may have diffrent way to genereate APi key.

Copy the above data - you will need it when adding a link in the MetaKocka.

1.2. Login to MetaKocka and go to Settings/ Links and add new connection:

Pick "Woocommerce" and click "Add"

Paste data from Woocommerce - Customer key and secret, url and Save. Click on Test connection - you should get conformation that integration has been successful. 

For Order management module choose Sales Orders, but if you need just invoice creation choose invoice


Check  "Automatic order transfer" for if you wish that all orders received in Woocommerce should be transferred to MetaKocka asap, but if manual editing in Woocommerce is needed leave unchecked.

If manual transfer is needed - choose how many days back should orders be collected and click on Import orders. 

2. Item synchronization (Woocommerce > MetaKocka)

You can transfer items from the online store in MetaKocka automatically. To transfer items and orders, it is mandatory that the items in the online store have unique Sku codes.