Click on Sales -Invoices ''Domestic''

2. Invoices list - Domestic - Select adding a new Invoice

Click on the icon (+) to add a new invoice.

3. Enter Domestic Invoice data - page header

Enter data in the header of the Invoice page. Mandatory fields are marked with (*)


1. Enter the Invoice number (if automatic numbering is not configured)

2. Enter the Invoice date

3. Enter the Customer, to whom the Invoice will be sent (or Receiver if goods are delivered/installed to/at the other address) -

If the customer is yet to be added to MetaKocka, by clicking on + to add the customer, select  ''Cannot find a customer? Add a new one''

4. Select the payment due date (alternatively, simply enter ''30'' for a payment term of 30 days)

5. Select the date when the service was


If the work order/delivery note/offer has been issued for the customer, select it, since the products or row of invoices will be transferred automatically.

4. Adding products to the Domestic Invoice

By clicking on "+Add product" products/services will be added to the Invoice.

In case of V primeru, da je davek obrnjena davčna stopnja izberite davek, ki ima oznako "NO".

5. Adding additional text to an Invoice

To add additional text to the Invoice, click on ''+Additional text on document''

In the field that opens, enter text that should be displayed on the Invoice (such as additional conditions, descriptions, instructions,..)

Text is saved and can be selected in the drop-down list for the next time


Text that should be always displayed at the bottom part of the invoice should be marked as ''default text'' 

6. Save Invoice data


1. Save your entries by clicking on ''Save''

2. The invoice is printed by clicking on ''Print'' 

7. Se izpis Računa

In the list of reports, select ''Invoice-domestic'', and in the right window, for Format, select ''PDF'' or ''eInvoice'' for budget users. In the end, click on ''Print''

Additional options should be all marked with ''Yes'' if such should be displayed on the invoice.

When the PDF option is selected, invoice preview will open and if everything is correct, it can be printed, while when the ''eInvoice'' format is selected, eInvoice will be downloaded to your computer, which should be imported to your online bank.

When the payment for the invoice is received, mark the invoice as paid and the amount will be colored in green.

In the case of a customer being late with the payment, and he/she should be warned about that, a warning can be issued.