Acquiring API keys

1. In a specific browser window, open the web page "" and choose "Sign in / Join"

2. Choose "Register" and enter data


3. For the application name, enter "MetaKocka" and under "Production" choose "Create a keyset"


4. Enter the required information about your company and choose "Continue to Create Keys"


5. Choose an option (eBay Sign-in)" and then "Sign in to Production"


6. A specific window opens, where the additional data missing needs to be entered. Choose the "Sign into eBay to get a Token" button below


7. Log in to eBay


8. Confirm access


9. Now, a Token is shown, which needs to be copied to MetaKocka


10. In MetaKocka under ''Links'' choose ''eBay connection'' and then ''Add''. A connection editing form will be shown.


11. Transfer the generated key to ''Key'' field and select appropriate ''Environment'' (usually 'DE production''). Click on ''Save'' and then ''Test''. A green message confirming the connection should be received. 

Mapping products according to the product codes

With standard functionality, products from eBay are mapped to MK according to the product name. If they would be mapped according to the product code instead, the following needs to be done: 

  1. add parameter with SKU code for each product in eBay. When transferring orders or products, a new product will be connected or added to MK
  2. in the MetaKocka settings app, specify mapping products according to the product codes (see the picture below)

Assigning SKU code on eBay product

The value is also displayed on the product:

Activating mapping in MetaKocka additional settings

Product synchronization ( Online store <> MetaKocka )

More information about functionality can be found here.

API key extension

API keys usually have 1.5 years until the expiry date. Once it expires, it is not possible to carry out any communication anymore. If  ''Test connection'' is selected, in the case of German eBay, you will receive the following error: "Da das Authentifizierungs-Token unwiderruflich abgelaufen ist, muss der Benutzer ein neues Token für diese Anwendung generieren.". The procedure for extending the API key is described below.

1. Log in to web page

2. Follow the procedure and at the end obtain new keys.