1. Invoices - Retail

Choose Invoices - Retail

2. Adding a new invoice (shortcut Ctrl + M)

Select (+) to add a new invoice as shown in the picture 

3. Adding a product to Invoice

1. Enter the product code/name in the field and select it (or scan it with a scanner)

2. Enter the quantity (if greater than 1) and price if it is not entered when receiving/not the price list.

3. Select the type of payment (several types can be selected)

4. Print the invoice.

4. Select the Invoice printout

In the reports list, the ''Invoice - POS 80 or POS 58'' report is already selected. Click on ''Print''' and a PDF file will open to you for printing on the printer.


5. Configure fast Invoice printout

At the following link, you may find the program and instructions on how to configure the program for fast printing.