1. Sales - Customers

Cilck on Customers to add New Cutomer 

2. Customer list - add new customer

Click on icon (+)

3. Customer data - Header

Enter customer information - mandatory fields are marked with (*) 

1. Choose - Company or Person.

2. Choose Vat payer / not subject to Vat ( usually person)

3. Enter Vat number if Company

Add "Foreign" customer checkbox if company is not from Slovenia,

4. Customer address 

Click on  "+ Add Address".for adding one or more customer addresses 

1. Choose address type "Račun" - company headquaters, "Dobava"- warehouse address, "Poslovna enote" - business unit

2. Enter Street name and number, zip code, city and country 

5. Customer contact data

Cilck "Add contact" and enter Phone, Mobile phone num, Email  

6.  Save entered data

Save entered data