1. Sales - select Price lists

Click on the sub-menu ''Price lists''

2. Price lists - Select adding a new price list

Click on the icon (+) to add a new price list.

3. Adding price list data - page header

The following price list types can be added: Discount/Sales/Regular. Entering the respective values beforehand in the Price List - Type register is required.


Enter data in the header of the Price List page. Mandatory fields are marked with (*) 


1. Enter the price list ID (if automatic numbering is not configured)

2. Enter the price list name (displayed on the invoice or offer for which it applies)

3. Indicate whether the prices will be ''Net'' or ''Gross'' in the price list

4. Select the customer for whom the price list will be valid (if the price list is marked as standard, then it is valid for all the customers)

5. Enter the price list date

6. Select the price list currency

7. Optionally, add some notes to the price list

If that is the standard price list and is valid for all the customers, tick ''Standard price list'' in the upper right angle.

4. Adding products to the Price List


Click on ''+ Add product" to add products to the price list.

Search for the product you want to add in the search bar; select it and assign the price. If the price scales are valid for products according to the different quantities purchased, enter the class limit in the ''Quantity to'' field.

5. Save Price list data

Save your entries by clicking on ''Save''; to cancel the entries, click on ''Cancel'' 

To edit prices on the existing price list - read the instructions.

6. Adding a price list to a user

When adding the price list to the user, the price list will always be provided to the sales document (such as invoice, offer, etc.), and adding it manually is not required.

7. Other

-Link to the product

In the price list, the product may be immediately opened and edited if you want so.

Click on the arrow next to the product and in the new tab, the product will open.

- Standard price list

If a standard price list is also added, by clicking on it, it will be opened allowing you to edit it if needed.