1. Invoices - Retail

Select Bills - Retail

2. Add a new invoice (shortcut Ctrl + M)

Click on (+) to add a new invoice

3. Select Return

1. Click on Return

2. In the search bar, enter the number of the invoice belonging to the customer who is replacing goods and select the product

3. If the customer will not replace the product, select refund for a payment type (3)

4. Click on ''Type of payment''. Example: If cash is returned, click on cash.

The invoice will be automatically saved

If the customer accepts the replacement product, then click on ''Return'' again. In the search bar (2), find that product and charge it. If the total price for a replacement product is less than the one he/she returned, select ''Refund'' as the payment type, while if it is greater, select Payment together with its method - credit card, cash, etc...

6. Printing invoice

Print the Return invoice (if fast search is turned on, the invoice will be printed directly to the printer)