1. Purchase - select Invoices Domestic

Click on the sub-menu ''Domestic''

2. Invoices list - Domestic - Select adding a new Invoice

Click on the icon (+) to add a new invoice

3. Entering data for Invoice Domestic - document header


Enter data in the header of the Invoice page. Mandatory fields are marked with (*)


1. Enter (copy) Invoice number received by Supplier

2. Enter or select the Invoice date

3. Select the Supplier who sent the Invoice

4. Select the payment deadline (date) (if it is not transferred from the entered Supplier data) 

5. Select the invoice receipt date (VAT date)

6. Enter the Invoice count code (if used)

If the goods received note has been already created before adding the invoice, then select it and the products, quantities, and prices will be transferred from the receiving.


4. Adding products

By clicking on ''+Add product'' services or purchased products are added to the Invoice


1. Search for the product and select it

2. Enter the quantity, price, discount, and VAT rate

5. Attach the scanned invoice to the added invoice

If a file should be attached to the invoice, click on (+) Attach a file and select one. Such a file can either be a picture (original invoice scanned), Word document, PDF document, or Excel file.

6. Save entered Invoice data

Save your Entries by clicking on ''Save'' or using keys: Ctrl + S

7. Notes

  • If goods received notes are added to the invoice, it is possible to select whether the same products will merge or add when transferring the goods received note. If ''merging products'' is selected, and products have different prices on goods received notes, the price will be determined on the invoice when the first product is added. Consequently, for the purchase price/RVC, all the other (same) products on goods received notes will obtain that price.