1. Purchase - choose Purchase orders

Click on ''Purchase orders''

2. List of Purchase Orders - Choose adding a new Purchase order

Click on the icon (+) to add a new purchase order

3. Entering Purchase order data - document header

Enter data to the Header of Purchase order. Mandatory fields are marked with (*)


1. Enter a purchase order number (if the automatic numbering is not set), date of purchase order, and Supplier

2. Enter a Name (if the field is available) and a desired delivery date. Entering a supplier's offer is optional.

3. Choose a Warehouse when the delivery is to your warehouse and a Receiver (Customer) when the delivery is to a customer's location 

4. Select an agreed parity and type of delivery (fields must be activated beforehand in Settings)


4. Adding products to a Purchase order

Click on ''+Add product'' to add products to a Purchase order.

Search for/select a product in the dialog that will open, and enter quantity and purchase price accordingly.

If you have been already ordering the same product from the same supplier, the last purchase price will be shown in the bottom part of the dialog (shown above) 

5. Adding new text to a Purchase order

To add additional text to the Purchase order, click on ''+Additional text on a document''

In the field that opens, enter some text that you would like to be printed out in the Purchase order (such as additional conditions, descriptions, and instructions...)


The text should be saved and next time it can be selected again in the drop-down menu

6. Saving Purchase order data

Save your Entries by clicking on the ''Save'' button or cancel them by clicking on the ''Cancel'' button.

7. Printing a Purchase order

Print a Purchase order by clicking on the ''Print'' button once it is saved.

8. Select the format of a Purchase order printout

In the reports list, select ''Purchase order'', choose Format-PDF on the right-hand side, and click on the ''Print'' button

You may also opt for printing in a foreign language or without ID/code.