1. Purchase - select Products

Click on the sub-menu ''Products''

2. Products list - select adding new Product

Click on the icon (+) that is located in the upper right corner.

3. Entering Product data - page header

Enter data in the header of the page. Mandatory fields are marked with (*)


1. Enter the product ID (if not set automatically)

2. Enter product code

3. Enter product name and additional, longer description in ''Product description'' (if needed)

4. Select UM - the unit of measurement

5. Mark the products that are reproductive material (used in production) with ''Purchase''. Mark the work done (Work orders) as ''Purchase + work''. If the stock should not be recorded for the product, mark it as ''Service''(for example additional material). Mark services as ''Service''.


If in Settings/Your Company, option - Partner code (picture below) is turned on for Additional fields - products

Then, product codes used to order that product from the supplier (one or more) can be entered

When the purchase order is printed for that supplier, his/her code and name will be displayed, when receiving by supplier's code the receiving and stock will be recorded on your code.

4. Save entered product data

Save your Entries by clicking on ''Save'' or use keys Ctrl + S.