Warehouse - select Delivery note

Click on the sub-menu ''Delivery note''

List of Delivery notes - click on adding a new Delivery note

Click on the icon (+) to add a new delivery note

Adding delivery note data - page header

Enter data in the header of the Delivery Note page. Mandatory fields are marked with (*)

1. Enter the delivery note number (if automatic numbering is not set)

2. Select the customer (if the Receiver field is displayed, then select the receiver)

3. Enter the delivery note date

4. Select the Warehouse from which the goods will be issued.


If an Offer was sent to the customer or a Work/Sales order was created for goods, select the document, and products will be automatically transferred to the Delivery note.

Adding Products to the Delivery note

By clicking on (+) Add product, new rows will be added for adding products to the Delivery note

1. When the row was added, products can be added in 2 ways - click on (+) to select product or enter the product name in the ''Product name'' field.

2. Enter the quantity issued (if it is not transferred from Offer)


Click on the clip if additional text should be added to the row.

Save Delivery note data

Save your entries by clicking on ''Save''; to cancel the entries, click on ''Cancel''

Transfer the Delivery note to the invoice

Click the ''Tools'' icon and transfer the Delivery note to the invoice.

All Delivery note data will be transferred to the invoice (including data that was transferred from the other documents (such as the offer and work order)