Warehouse - select Goods received note

Click on the sub-menu 'Goods received note''

List of Goods received notes - select adding a new Goods received note

Click on the (+) icon to add a new goods received note

Entering goods received note data - page header

Enter data in the header of the goods received note page. Mandatory fields are marked with (*)

1. Select the goods received note date

2. Select supplier (if initial supplies are entered, the supplier is your company)

3. Select purchasing or sales price list (not mandatory) -  this will help you with entering the prices


Adding Products to Goods received note

By clicking on (+) Add product, a dialog will open for adding products to the Goods received note

search for the product (1) and select it. If the product is yet to be added to the register, add it by clicking on the link (2)

after selecting the product, enter the following data - product quantity, purchasing price, profit margin, and sales prices of the product will be calculated

If your company files reports to Intrastat, then you may check there, whether the product has all the necessary data entered - tariff, origin, and weight. If any data is missing, add/select it and it will be saved for the product.

Save goods received note data

Save your entries by clicking on ''Save''; to cancel the entries, click on ''Cancel'' 

Transfer goods received note to the Purchasing Invoice

If the supplier sends you an invoice for the received goods and it will be entered in MetaKocka, click ''Tools'' and transfer the goods received note to the domestic or foreign purchasing invoice.