Warehouse - select Picking list

Click on ''Picking lists''

List of Picking lists - select Adding a new Picking list

Click on the icon (+) to add a new picking list.

Entering Picking list data - page header

Enter data in the header of the Delivery Note page. Mandatory fields are marked with (*) 

1. Enter the picking list number (if automatic numbering is not set)

2. Enter the receiver/customer

3. Enter the date

4. Select the Warehouse from which the goods will be issued


If an Offer was sent to the customer or a Work/Sales order was created for goods, select the document, and products will be automatically transferred to the Picking list.

Adding Products to the Picking List

By clicking on (+) Add product, a dialog will open, where you can search for, select, or enter the products into the picking list.

By clicking on (+) Quick add, you can enable quick adding to the picking list via the bar-code scanner.

Save Picking list data

Save your entries by clicking on ''Save''; to cancel the entries, click on ''Cancel'' 

Transfer the Picking list to the Delivery note