1. Sales - select Products

Click on the sub-menu  "Products"

Note: Adding normative can be activated in Settings/Your company ''Additional fields for products''

2. List of Products - select adding new product

Click on icon (+) which can be found at the right edge of the screen

3. Entering Product data

Enter data at the top of the page. Mandatory fields are marked with (*)


1. Enter product code and product ID 

2. Enter Product name (po potrebi tudi dodaten opis v "opis artikla")

3. Select UM1- the unit of measurement

4. By clicking on ''Attach file'' - a picture, instructions for use, etc. can be added as well


HINT: Faster entering of products is possible by copying (the icon on the right-hand side)

3. Add material and work to normative

Click on ''Add normative'' to select products (material and work) that will be added to the work order as planned products/work for the creation of sales products.

Enter normative quantity and select the warehouse for the material from which the supplies will be written off when consumption is added.

Normative will automatically complete the planned quantity of material and work when adding them to the work orders with planning. 


4. Save entered product data

Save your entries by clicking on Save or using the ''Ctrl + S'' shortcut.

6. Option - editing prices

In the price lists, prices can be added to the product as shown below

The option can be activated in Settings/Your company - ''Editing product prices in the price list''