Purchase - select Invoice Domestic (or foreign)

Click on the sub-menu ''Domestic''

Invoices list - search for the invoice to add costs


Search for the invoice and select it.

Select Tools

On the invoice selected, select Editing and then Tools - Transfer costs to this invoice

If functionality is yet to be activated, activate it (notification) first.

Note: If a new invoice is added, it must be saved first, to be able to add allocated costs to it.


Adding costs to the invoice

Costs can be added to purchased products in two ways:

1. Click on (+) Add document, the purchase invoice, which should be connected to that invoice, will be selected. Example: invoice was received  from the courier of goods and added simultaneously

2. By clicking on ''Add cost - manual entry''. the cost will be added manually, without relation to the purchasing invoice.


Allocating costs to products on the invoice


1. Cost type (the cost type must be added in Settings/Registers - Allocated costs beforehand)

2. Enter the document, link to the cost

3. Enter the amount that will be distributed among products on the invoice


MetaKocka allocates costs to products based on the proportion of price and quantity, which can be adjusted by clicking on the amount, which is for a specific product, displayed as ''Cost/UM''.


Save entered data

Save your entries by clicking on Save;

Then, save your invoice.


Print the calculation of the purchase price

Print the calculation of the purchase price.