If retail invoices are issued outside the physical branch (due to participating in a fair or an event), specifying a new portable business unit is required. The procedure is the following:

  1. Add new address in ''Your company'' (at the bottom) and enter only ''Address/Name of the mobile unit'',
  2. In the ''FURS data'' tab, add the type of portable business space as ''Portable object...'', designation of business premises (2 or 3 characters suggested since it is also displayed on POS 80 invoices), and effective start date.
  3. Save changes.

The next step is to specify business units for Users that will be issuing invoices. 

Note: Each person who issues invoices must have his/her own account registered with a tax ID number provided. Users who are selling at the fair must have a correctly designated business unit, which can be ensured in one of the following ways:

  1. on the first day of work at the fair, change the user's business unit and save changes. However, be cautious - when the user comes back to work to his/her original business unit, its designation must be changed again.
  2. create new user and assign him/her a business unit ''fair''. If "janez.novak@podjetje.si" is the original user, a new user would be named "janez.novak.sejem1@podjetje.si", and assign him/her respective authorities, tax ID number, and business unit. Also, assign the warehouse from which the supplies will be allocated when invoice is issued. E-mail address does not have to genuinely exist though.

MetaKocka can be used at the fair in two ways:

  1. having a laptop/PC connected to a printer
  2. using the mobile app, which enables issuing invoices (multiple), and laptop with Bluetooth.

In both cases, securing an internet connection is required.