Integration Steps

Integrating CS Cart with MetaKocka allows automatic transfeingr orders from online store to MetaKocka, thereby creating and sending and validating invoices to Ministry of Finance RS (Furs) and publishing current the stock of goods sold from MetaKocka to webstore.

To integrate CS-CART with MetaKocka you will need to get "API Key" from your CS Cart web store

1. API Key - CS Cart 

Login to Administration - CS-CART and follow steps show bellow

Click on Customers - Administrators.

Click on your "User name"

Click on "API access".

Add checkbox at "Yes, allow this user to use the API".

Copy provided API Key.

2. Set up connection in MetaKocka

Login to MetaKocka and in Settings / Links - add new connection 

Choose "CS-Cart" and click  "Add". 

1. Web Store name

2. Web Store URL 

3. Login e-mail - ( used for login in CS-Cart ) 

4. API Key from CS Cart

5. Pick - item for delivery "Artikel za dostavo" 

6. Save entered info. 

7. Test connection. 

If not allready user - create your MetaKocka account  - join us and create your Metakocka account