1. Settings/Importing Products

To import products to MetaKocka, in ''Settings'' click ''Data import''.

Click on ''Data import''.

2. Table for importing products

Under the point ''b.) Products'', click on ''Products - adding''.

Click on ''Products - adding''.

Fill in the data in the exported Excel table (mandatory fields are marked with bold letters and asterisks), while other fields are non-mandatory and you may use them to record data in MK. 

After being done with entering the data into the table, you can save it. 


3. Adding additional columns to the table

If you want to add additional data when importing products such as measuring unit 2, proportion EM1:EM2, and customs fee... you can add an additional column to the table.

You can add an extra column by going to the sheet ''Additional column''.

Click on the sheet ''Additional columns''.

All the available options that you may add to the table, will be shown in the sheet.

Copy the exact name to the importing table.


If you want to add a second measuring unit (EM2) to the product at the end of the table with products (to the right of the last column) we copy ''second_unite'' in line 2 (picture below) 

In the last column under row 2 copy "second_unit" to enter measuring unit 2.

3. Importing Products to Metakocka

In settings/data import under point 3 import the table with Products.

1. click on ''Browse'' and choose the file for importing products

2. under ''Data type'' choose ''Products - adding''

3. click on ''Import data''

In the field "Transfer Report," the transfer report will be displayed, and in case of an error, please read it and correct it accordingly. Once you fix the error in the table, save it and retry importing it.