1. Settings/Data Import

To import partners in MetaKocka, in ''Settings'', click on ''Data import''.

Go to ''Data import''.

2. Tabel for importing partners

Under point "a.) Partners" click on "Partners (Buyers, Suppliers) - Legal entities and Physical persons" (or "Partners - (Buyers, Suppliers) - partner codes", choose this option only if you want to have the same partner code in the accounting program as the one in MetaKocka).

Click on ''Partners (Buyers, Suppliers) - Legal entities and Physical persons''

Fill in the data in the exported Excel table (mandatory fields are marked with bold letters and asterisks).

After data entry is done, save the table.

3. Adding additional columns to the table

If you want to add additional data when importing products such as transaction accounts, language, currency, etc. you can add an additional column to the table. 

You can add an extra column by going to the sheet ''Additional column''.

Click on the sheet ''Additional columns''.

All the available options that you may add to the table, will be shown in the sheet.

Copy the exact name to the importing table, as shown under the column ''Column''.


If we want to add ''Transaction accounts (IBAN)'' at the end of the table (to the right of the last column) copy ''Transaction accounts (IBAN)'' in line 2 (picture below). 

In the last column under row 2 copy "Transaction accounts (IBAN)".

3. Importing Partners to MetaKocka

In settings/data import under point 3 we are importing the table with partners.

1. click on ''Browse'' and choose the file for importing partners

2. under ''Data type'' choose  "Partners - Legal entities and Physical persons"

3. click on "Import data"

In the field "Transfer Report," the transfer report will be displayed, and in case of an error, please read it and correct it accordingly. Once you fix the error in the table, save it and retry importing it.

4. Partners with more addresses/contacts

1. Contacts

If one company has more contacts, another row is added with almost completely the same data, except contacts that would have a different name, surname, phone number, and e-mail address

When data is imported, these contact details are added to one partner.

2. Address

If one company has more business units, therefore it will have more addresses as well.

In the new row, enter the same tax number and company's name (if the partner has no tax number, enter the name only), but change the address to one of the other business unit.

When data is imported, addresses are added to one partner.