1. Settings/Import of initial stock

To import initial stock to MetaKocka, in ''Settings'' click on ''Data import''.

Click on ''Data import''.

2. Table for importing initial stock

Under the point "e.) Warehouse" click on "Warehouse - product stock''

Click on "Warehouse - product stock".

Fill in the data in the exported Excel table (mandatory fields are marked with bold letters and asterisks). 

Fields marked with asterisk, are mandatory fields.

In ''Warehouse code'' enter the code of the warehouse where stock will be recorded

In ''Product Code'' enter the code of the product that you want to import

In 'Quantity in stock" enter the product quantity that you have in stock.

After completing the data entry, save the table. 

3. Import of Initial stock to MetaKocka

In settings/data import under point 3 import the table with the initial stock.

1. click on ''Browse'' and choose the file for import of initial stock

2. under ''Data type'' choose "Warehouse - product stock"

3. click on ''Import data''

In the field "Transfer Report," the transfer report will be displayed, and in case of an error, please read it and correct it accordingly. Once you fix the error in the table, save it and retry importing it.