For complete integration with GLS Poland, acquiring the following data and entering it in MetaKocka under 

'Settings > Links > GLS Poland' is needed

Contact your local GLS agent for your credentials. Usually, the credentials for API authorization are similar to those needed to sign in to, so be careful when entering data.

  • Username = API username
  • Password = API password

For integration with the GLS Poland Track & Trace system, an additional username and password to access Uni-Portal are needed.

In their accessibility instructions, the following is stated:

For using the web service the consignor must be a registered GLS customer with a valid Uni-Portal login. Please contact your GLS customer consultant for further information.

Enter data under 'Tracking shipment'.

Frequent issues and respective solutions:

  • When printing the stickers, I received the error "err_user_webapi_blocked" - "User has no access to WebAPI."
    You have no access to the API interface. Contact GLS support -

  • API states that the tracking number is not possible to print anymore

           Such an error appears when an accompanying document is printed before a sticker is printed. In such a case, revoking a tracking number in the following way is needed: open an order, delete a tracking number, and save your changes. A new tracking number will be generated upon reprinting, together with a new sticker. Considering that you already confirmed stickers once the receiving document was printed, it would be best to reach out to GLS in order to understand if something else needs to be done to avoid being charged for those orders.

  • API tracking - regular data update every 2-3 months
    GLS Poland updates its data regularly every 2-3 months which consequently needs to be entered into MK yet again