1. Warehouse - select Delivery notes

Click on the ''Delivery Notes'' menu

2. List of Delivery notes - select Adding a new Delivery note

Click on the icon (+) to add a new delivery note

3. Entering Delivery note data - page header - select Your Company

Enter data in the header of the delivery note page

1. Enter the Delivery note number (if automatic numbering is not set)

2. Select Your Company

3. Enter Delivery note data

4. Select the Warehouse from which the goods will be taken

4. Adding a product to a Delivery note

By clicking on (+) Add product, select products that should be written off (kalo, expired delivery date, damaged). Enter the quantity and for the price enter COGS.

Provide the accountant with the delivery note for writing off the value of goods.

5. Entering write-off in ''Additional text on document''

In the additional text on the document, enter ''Own consumption'' as a reason or ''Promotional product'', as displayed below:

6. Save entered Delivery note data

Save your entries by clicking on Save; if entries should be canceled, click on the ''Cancel'' button