Establishing a connection for exchange/synchronization

The integration of the online store published on the Magento 2.0 platform with MetaKocka enables: 

  • automated transfers of orders with all customer data (recipient, payer, type of payment, discounts, and ordered items) 
  • product synchronization (products can be transferred from the online store to MetaKocka with all the data you have already entered in the online store if they have an SKU code inserted) 
  • automated stock synchronization
  • synchronization of the status of orders and transfer of tracking number

Invoices that are generated based on transferred orders are also verified at FURS for legally defined means of payment, and for issued goods, the stock of goods is correspondingly reduced and refreshed in the online store as well (if so set).

1. Acquiring access tokens to establish a connection 

To establish a connection with the Magento online store, acquiring the following data from MetaKocka is needed:

  • Online store address
  • Access Token

The access token is valid until the cancellation.

The steps below are described in words and pictures:

  1. Log in to the Magento control panel and in the left menu choose System
  2. When the submenu opens, choose Integrations
  3. Click on Add New Integration
  4. Enter the following data: Name, for easier recognition of the integration
  5. Email address,
  6. Password of the current user (bottom of the page)
  7. On the left side, choose the API option
  8. Choose the resources that integration has access to
  9. After completing this step, press ''Save'' to save the changes
  10. Upon being automatically transferred to the list of integrations, choose the Activate option for the newly created integration on the list of integrations
  11. The window with information about source accessibility opens together with the button Allow which we click on.
  12. After clicking on it, the page refreshes, and the list of different keys is displayed (Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access Token Secret). Together with the online store address, the access token is entered into the MetaKocka web interface.

In MetaKocka under Settings/Links, add Magento 2.0

and enter/paste the following:


Once the data entering is completed, click on Save and Test connection (Test must show green message in case of successful connection, otherwise double check the entered data)

Product synchronization ( Online store <> MetaKocka ) 

Only active products are transferred, for the successful synchronization products must contain SKU code.

For more information about product synchronization, click on the following link.

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