1. Establishing functionality

To establish a connection with the online store, acquiring the following data is needed:

- Online store address

- Access token to online service (Shopamine API Key) 

Access token to online service is valid until manual cancellation, modification, or disablement of all sources

Steps for acquiring the token:

1.    Log in to the control panel of the Shopamine online store and click on the upper left three-line symbol to expand the main menu

2.    In the Settings submenu choose All Settings

3. When the settings page opens, in the Integrations category, choose the API authentication option

4.    Integration settings will open, where we need to provide the following data:

    a.    API KEY name - name of connection with MetaKocka

    b.    API KEY token – click on GENERATE KEY button and set up a randomly generated token, that will serve for connection with MetaKocka

    c.    Available scopes – select all possible data sources, that MetaKocka can use for complete functionality

5.    After the configuration is done, click on the SAVE button, to save our settings and activate online service for connection

6. In MetaKocka settings, enter the full address of your Shopamine online store and API KEY token, which was created during the activation of the online service

7. Add the connection in Metakocka

1. go to settings/links

2. choose the connection of the online store

3. enter the voluntary description of your online store pišete poljuben opis vaše spletne trgovine

4. enter the address of the online store

5. enter the API KEY token

6. select where your orders will be transferred (offer, sales orders, domestic or foreign invoice,...)

7. enter the warehouse if opting for stock synchronization from MetaKocka to the online store

8. choose the price list

9. save changes

10. click on Test Connection, in order to confirm the successful connection

Price synchronization

Price synchronization operations from MetaKocka to Shopamine are possible for B2C and B2B price lists.

Synchronization is performed in the following way:

  • B2C prices are transferred by default in gross format 
  • B2B prices are transferred by default in net format

If you are willing to transfer the prices to Shopamine according to your own preferences, you can make the changes on your own in additional settings: