Frequent errors

Invalid COD rounding, the smallest fraction is 5

When paying with cash on delivery, prices must be rounded to the nearest 5. The following needs to be done:

  • existing orders that are supposed to be paid with cash on delivery need to be rounded to appropriate amount,
  • also, ensure that a user can no longer proceed with a purchase for the wrong amount in the online store

22 - Invalid / missing parameters for service(s): SM2

Napaka se zgodi v naslednjem primeru :

  • SMS 2 service is activated in the connections, however, a user has not provided a phone number for SMS. In such a case, the SMS 2 service must be turned off only for such stickers (turn off the service; print stickers; reactivate the service). It is suggested to request the entry of a phone number on the web page.
  • A user entered an incorrect mobile or landline number. In such a case, it would be best to delete such a number and reprint the sticker. 

Response from GLS regarding these numbers is: All Hungarian mobile phone numbers are allowed, the most common ones are 3620, 3630 , 3631, 3670.