To establish a connection with the Magento 1.9 online store via the SOAP interface, acquiring the following data is needed:

  • Online store address
  • SOAP User Name 
  • SOAP API Key

Connecting is conducted in two parts - setup in the Magento 1.9 online store and in connection settings of MetaKocka

1. Connection settings in Magento 1.9

  1. Log in to the online store as an administrator 
  2. Go to System -> Configuration and in the left menu choose Services -> Magento Core API. It is important to set »WS-I Compliance« to »Yes«. Save your settings. 
  3. The next step includes adding a SOAP Role. Go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML/RPC – Roles and choose »Add New Role«. On the page that opened, fill out »Role Name« and enter the password of the current administrator 
  4. When the new role is successfully saved, on the left side click on »Role Resources« and in the drop-down menu choose »All«. Save your settings. 
  5. The next step represents adding a SOAP user. Open System -> Web services -> SOAP/XML/RPC – Users and choose »Add New User«. On the subpage that opened, fill out all the fields accordingly: for the connection »User Name« and »API Key« are important.
  6. When the user is saved, open the tab »User Role« from the left menu and choose previously connected »Role«, through which MetaKocka will communicate
  7. Save your settings
  8. SOAP »User Name« and »API Key«, which were set up during the creation of the new SOAP User, fill out the corresponding fields in MetaKocka under the settings of the new Magento 1.9 SOAP connection.

2. Connection settings in MetaKocka

  1. Open Links in MetaKocka and from the drop-down menu choose Magento 1.9 SOAP and then click Add
  2. Open connection settings and enter appropriate values."Store ID" is a mandatory parameter and is related to the desired ''sub-store'' inside your Magento. In the case of having more sub-stores in Magento and wanting to transfer orders and products for one only, then insert it here. If you are willing to transfer them for all the stores, then enter the number 0.