1. Order Management


After logging in to MetaKocka, in the drop-down menu, select Order Management (the picture below).

After the module is loaded, you will be presented with ALL received orders (new, ready to be shipped...) as well as with order status, payment status, ordered products, type of payment, date of payment, order number, amount, and shipping date.

2. Selection of Orders / Change of Status

1. Select the sales orders, whose status you want to change

2. Click on CH. STATUS

3. Choose the status that the selected orders will receive

4. Click on CHANGE


Additional statuses of Order Management orders need to be added to the Register of Sales orders statuses. That can be arranged in ''Settings'', in the left menu choose ''Registers'', and in the list select ''Sales orders - statusBy clicking on the ''add record'' you will add new statuses, which you will be able to assign to orders in Order Management.


If orders with ''Package return'' status have the creation of credit notes configured in additional settings of Order Management, credit notes will be created for all selected orders that had their status changed.