Preparing orders for dispatch

Choose Dispatch/Ready to ship where you can find orders, for label creation, and ready to be fulfilled 

1. Select the company for which you want to preapre the labels, select the orders and press Stickers.  Aplication will create the labels for selected orders

2.  Successfully created labels can be downloaded by pressing the button Download or Open:

If the order contains any errors, only this is written out, and the order is moved to the Problem section, where the order can be edited/corrected

Once order is corrected change status to Ready to ship / Pripravljen za odpremo:


Once labels are printed you will get a dialog Comissioning:

Products on printed orders can be put on the comissioning list. Buton send to warehouse means you will create active comissioning list:

The list of active comissioning is now visiable in mobile warehouse app:

Open the list, select, or scan the products you have prepared and then confirm commisioning list:

If you will try to create new commisioning list while printing new batch of labels and the previous one is still active and it is not complited yet, the new list will be created as draft unless you mark it as send to warehouse:

If there is an existing draft commisioning list with next batch of labels, you can add products on existing commisioning list:

The status of commisoning is also visiable in Fulfillment aplication where you are able to change status, delete commisioning list:
DRAFT= the list is visiable only to administrator and it is not visaible in mobile warehouse
ACTIVE= the list is visiable in mobile warehouse application
COMPLETED= the list has been finish


Order dispatch

In previous step we have created labels for orders which we are going to dispatch with mobile scaner. Mobile scaner is available on the following link: 

1.  On the scaner choose an option DISPATCH: 

2. Scan the label and you will get the contect of the order. Scan the products or mark them manually which you have already packed, then press CONFIRM:

Once order is confirmed, it goes in to the section Shipped orders

Also client will get information in their client view


Undelivered packages that are returned back to the hub are scanned with scaner in the section: Receiv. - unlaimed parcels

A large number of packages can be scaned, and when you are done click Confirm returns. With this opertion the stock will return to the warehouse:


In the warehouse section you can see the inventory with selected filters:

Data of the product available in the warehouse:

Expiration date - If the product do have expiration date this data is shown on the product 

Location - Location of the product in the warehouse

Stock - Stock in the warehouse
Reservation - how many orders/products you can expect in next days

Free stock- How many product is available for next sales

The process of taking items into stock

1. Company enters stock to be delivered in their account

If the company creates a pick-up order in its profile,

 you will be able to see it in the scaner 

Among pick-up order you can select the one which arrived in to you warehouse:


A dialogu opens with the itemsyou need to take over. Items can be scaned or manually confirmed the quantity you have received. Enter the location if you use it and press confirm.

Once you are done select Create receiving note and products will be visiable in the warehouse under stock section:

2. Direct collecction via receiving note 

If the stock is taken over directly via receiving note, select Receiving note in scaner 

In the warehouse section select the company from which you have received the goods, also select the supplier:

Scan the codes, or select them manually and confirm the quantity:

Once you are done select the button save and the stock will be visiable in the waarehouse: