For all users of the Returns module, there is now an option for automatic preparation of an XML file for input into the bank.

The upgrade is aimed to reduce time needed to issue customer refunds.

You will receive the file at your chosen email address, set up for a specific IBAN, at a specified time.


    1. Open settings in the Returns module.

    2. At the bottom, you have 3 required fields for setup:

a) Bank account : your transcation account from which payment codes are made
b) E-mail for sending XML for Bank Export: email address where you will receive the XML file at the chosen time for bank input.

c) Time : It is essential to select one of the options, as this is a condition for creation and sending. You can choose between "Don't run / 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00" 

How it works

Once per day, MetaKocka will automatically check all requests, that are of the "Returns" type, have entered "IBAN", and are in "Completed" status. Afterwards it will record them in Excel, and at a specified time (12/13/14), you will receive an email message with the XML file. Upon receiving the file, import it into the bank as usuals.

The status will then change from Completed to Refund. 

Quick review and troubleshooting

You have not specified the time.

Email / IBAN are not correct

Requests are not completed / returns / do not have an IBAN.

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