1. Sales - Products

Click on the sub-menu "Products".

2. Products list - select adding a new product

Click on the icon (+) on the right edge of your screen.

3. Entering product data

Enter data in the header of the Product page; Mandatory fields are marked with (*)

1. Enter the Product ID (if not automatically configured), enter the product code 

2. Enter the Product name (also the product description if needed) 

3. Select UM - Unit of Measurement

4. Specify whether the product is:

  1. Sales + Purchase for commercial items (purchasing from supplier, selling to customer)
  2. Sales + Service for executed or charged services (such as delivery, postage, consulting, installation)

optionally - depending on the activated fields in Settings:

5. Complete the following data: tariff, country of origin, and supplier (if it is activated and used)

6. Enter the minimum stock

7. Indicate whether the lot/serial number or expiry date is used for a certain product

Add a picture - click on ''Attach file'' and select the product picture if the offer should contain one.

HINT: Copying existing products enables adding similar products quickly.


4.  Save Product data, 

Save product data by clicking on Save, or using the shortcut (Ctrl+S).