1. Sales - Items

Click on "Items".

2. Item list - add new Item 

Click (+) to add new item to your list of items.

3. Item data

Enter data for item you are adding; mandatory fields are marked with (*)

1. Enter Item ID  (usualy automatic 

2. Enter Item code 

3. Enter Item name ( short name) and Item description ( longer description) 

4. Pick Unit of Measure 

5. Pick definition 

  1. Sales ( you will sell this item) & Procurement ( you will buy this item from supplier) . 
  2. Service ( this item is service such as shipment cost or service you provide to your customer). 
  3. Asset - item that you use for your bussiness

Additionally you can enter additional data such as Heigh, Weight, Length, minimal stock, Country of origin,..

4.  Save item, 

Save item data.