To begin with, functionality needs to be activated first. Read the following guidelines to do so.

Warehouse - select Goods received notes

Click on the sub-menu ''Goods received notes''

Goods received notes list - search for a goods received note for adding costs

Search for the goods received note and select it.

Select Tools

On the existing goods received note, select Tools - Transfer of costs to this goods received note. If functionality is yet to be activated, activate it beforehand (instructions)


Note: If a new goods received note is added, it needs to be saved first, to add any allocated costs.

Adding expenses to the goods received note

Costs can be added to the received products in the following ways:

1. By clicking on (+) Add document, a purchasing invoice, that should be connected to that goods received note, will be selected. Example: invoice was received from the carrier of goods and recorded accordingly.

2. Click on ''Add cost - manual entry'', costs will be added manually, without a connection to the purchasing invoice.


Allocating costs to the products on the goods received note


1. Type of cost (type of cost must be previously added to Settings/Registers - Allocated costs).

2. Enter the document, connection for that cost

3. Enter the amount that should be allocated to the products on the goods received note


MetaKocka allocates costs to products according to the price-quantity proportion, which can be corrected/changed by clicking on the amount that is displayed as ''Cost/unit for certain products.

Save data

Click on Save to save your entries.

Print a report - List of goods received notes - Detailed

To control provided data and allocated costs, print the goods received note and review the data

Data for each added product can be reviewed in the report that opens.

Adjusting goods received note and allocated costs

If noticing an error related to the goods received note entries, you may adjust the goods received note. The costs will be recalculated accordingly.

If the proportion of costs between individual products on the goods received note should be changed, a dialog for adding allocated costs will open.

click on the allocated product whose costs should be changed - for example, insurance for a certain product is not obtained, hence such a cost does not belong there.

When the cost is changed for the product (1), also the allocated insurance amount will be changed (2).

If the amount that should be allocated has not changed - but you would like to distribute it among other products, enter the amount for allocation again and it will be distributed among all the other products.

Transfer of Goods received note to the Purchasing invoice

When the invoice is obtained from the supplier for the goods received, the selected goods received note should be transferred by clicking on ''Tools'' and selecting transfer to the purchasing invoice. On the purchasing invoice, review purchasing prices and correct some if needed, so that they are consistent with the invoice.

Print calculation of the purchase price

Print calculation of the purchase price.