A lot of MetaKocka users have a wide variety of products in their sales portfolio, with some of them being less or more important/frequent.

Since it is frequently challenging to constantly verify the stock levels of all the products (or only of those that are important) and to ensure that stock levels will not drop below 0 without a warning, we are glad to unveil our new functionality  - Minimum Product stock

Configure the usage of minimum stock in ''Settings/Your company'', as shown in the picture below:

Save your settings. The next step involves entering the minimum stock for the product, as shown below:

Save your entries. 

Warning about exceeded minimum stock will be automatically displayed on the delivery notes, invoices, and work orders, as displayed below:

The warning will also be received in the daily report (if sending of such reports is activated in user settings - shown below)

Every day, a list of products whose stock dropped below the indicated amount will be received.

If minimum stock at a certain warehouse should not be checked, that can be indicated in the individual warehouse as shown below

that is useful for separated warehouses, such as the one for damaged goods, where there is no need for verifying stock levels or the commission at the customer's.