Tax verification of invoices, prepayments, or credit notes is usually executed upon issuing (printing) the document. However, online stores that are operating in foreign markets have a somewhat different course of business operations:

  1. invoices are created when shipping the parcels. However, they are not necessarily printed, since the customer will either way receive it via e-mail (typical for foreign countries),
  2. sending invoices via e-mail is executed upon receiving the package and not upon shipping. Otherwise, users, that are yet to receive their packages or especially users that will not even pick up the package (in case of COD payment), may be left in confusion
  3. credit notes are created subsequently for unarrived or unclaimed parcels. Printing credit notes makes no sense since it is not possible to deliver them to the customers. 

Notes regarding functioning:

  • issuing is always executed in the name of the user who created the invoice
  • executed every day from: 18:10, 19:10, 20:10
  • invoices considered between current time - 2h and 3 days ago.

Functionality is activated in Settings - Your company :

Automatic tax-verification of invoices and prepayments

Useful in case of issuing orders via OrderManagement, printing labels directly from Order Management, and creating shipments based on the label content. 

Automatic tax-verification of credit notes

Useful for all online stores that irregularly review unarrived or unclaimed parcels and create a lot of credit notes.