• Double-tap on the row in the list to open an order- - in-depth overview, which enables editing or changing the status.

When the order opens, customer data and order status are displayed in the order header together with the selected type of delivery, type of payment, created documents (invoices, credit notes), and acquired tracking number.

On the right edge, there are icons that enable adding a new order (+), editing (pencil), copying and deleting ( x )

In the middle part of the order page, the ordered products are displayed, and you may edit/add new ones, change the quantity, or add a discount if the invoice is yet to be issued.

!! If the invoice is already issued, all the product modificiations must be edited in Invoices/domestic/foreign

  • In the bottom part of the order page, e-mail events (e-mails sent/read...) that are connected with that order are displayed.**

(**if the service for sending e-mails to customers is activated)

together with delivery services events for the selected order 

(**if the service for including data of the delivery service is activated)

If the order has been edited, save your changes.

Deleting an order

An order can be deleted in the following ways:

  • Click on the (X) icon on the right-hand side. In that case, the order will receive a ''Deleted'' status (manually_closed).
  • Changing the status of one or more orders to ''Deleted'' (manually_closed) or "Cancelled" (canceled).

If the order has an already issued invoice, a credit note will be automatically created with the following properties:

  • Date: date of deleting sales order
  • Material credit note
  • Created by the user - the same one that created the invoice