Establishing a connection for exchange/synchronization

For establishing a connection, purchasing and setting up the module is required. The quick setup procedure is presented in the following video:

Setup procedure

Purchasing and setting up the interface is required. The procedure is described on the following page while it is also presented in the following video

After setup, acquiring (copying) the secret key as shown in the images below is needed

together with inserting it into MetaKocka. That is done by logging in to MetaKocka under ''Settings/Links'' and adding Opencart as shown in the picture below.

On the added Tab, enter store data, such as Name, and URL address, and paste ''Secret Key'', which you received in the OpenCart store (shown in the picture below)

Indicate which document is created by transferred orders and save entries. Once they are saved, click on the ''Test connection'' to confirm the successful connection.  

Note: If you are using OrderManagement, then choose Sales orders.

Also, check if you have correctly set up the fiscal cash register.

Why is purchasing an additional module for the REST interface required?

OpenCart has its own REST interface (, however, functionality is exceptionally limited and mainly intended for applications such as ''one site landing page'', where it is possible to immediately place a new order. To transfer the orders to Metakocka, the "collecting orders a few days back" option is needed, and such an option is not supported by API, as well as change in attributes of the existing products, which is a base for reporting supplies from MetaKocka to the online store. 

If the interface with full functionality will be launched in the future, we will support it accordingly. However, that is very unlikely, due to the lack of recent updates on the existing interface.

For establishing integration. purchasing Admin API (not Shipping card API that does not offer support for reading the orders) is required.

Product synchronization ( Online store <> MetaKocka ) 

More information about functioning can be found here.

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