Description of operation

Content of both e-mail and SMS messages should contain a link to the order tracking page, which redirects users to the page with displayed elements of your graphical identity. On that page. all information needed is displayed more transparently, together with ordered products, store logos, and the possibility of being redirected to the other pages. The page supports:

  • automatic status mapping of different delivery services to statuses that are understandable to your customers
  • possibility of adapting to your graphical identity - adding an online store
  • localized names of delivery services with logo
  • page translation to 25 languages
  • automatic transfer of product pictures (below are detailed instructions)
  • additional link for editing or a link to the data entry form for Returns or other apps.

In the future, we plan to present the following functionalities:

  • suggested products: display suggested products from your online store based on previous purchases with customer's redirection to the store in order to increase your sales and motivate him/her to purchase more
  • subscribing to our e-mail/SMS notifications about changes in tracking status, which boosts the loyalty of your customers and decreases the amount of unclaimed parcels

Activation procedure/settings

Step 1: activating transfer of pictures from an online store

To display product pictures, activating automatic transfer of pictures from the online store is required. Currently, the following online stores are supported: WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, Shopamine, and DG1. The pictures will not be transferred immediately upon activation, but after midnight (the first night after activation).

Step 2: online store settings

In ''Additional settings'', variables can be set for each online store:



  • BrandImageURL - link to the website logo picture. Example:

link to the website can be added to the logo by separating both links with a comma.

Example: ,

  • Link on the bottom part of the tracking page - TrackingPageBottomLink - link to an external website. Format: Name, link. Example: Editing order,

If these two columns (TrackingPageBottomLink and BrandImageURL) are not located in Variables, add them as shown below in the picture.

Step 3: changing e-mail / SMS template

When sending e-mail/SMS notifications, changing customers' variables, which redirect the user to the tracking page, is needed (as shown below)

  • "tracking_url" change with "tracking_page_url"

  • "tracking_url_short" change with "tracking_page_url_short"

SMS example: 

E-mail example:

Testing pages/functioning

In Additional settings, specify the list of users who will be able to see the additional button ''Tracking page'' in the Order Management app.

The button will be displayed on the order only in case of order already having the tracking code.

After clicking on the button, the tracking page will open and you may see the status that is also shown to your customers.


Is the page translated into other languages as well?

Yes, page language is determined based on the customer's country. The page is translated into the following languages:

What if the customer is coming from a country where these languages are not the national ones?

A page translated into English will be displayed.

Which statuses can be shown to customers?

Shipped. In Order Management or via mobile Scanner/API call, the order was marked as shipped.
The delivery service received the package.
In delivery
Error/rejected delivery
Package return
Error in transit