If the company has no retail sales, but still accepts cash, in order to record cash transactions in the cash register, the following must be activated (everything can be found under Your company):

  1. Cash register - automatically add transactions if paid with cash: turn it on
  2. Cash register - deposit from date: entering the date of payment from which cash payments will be recorded in the cash register

In the case that ''Cash register-deposit from date'' is set in the past (for instance, the beginning of the month), documents paid with cash will not be automatically added. 

To edit data retrospectively (for instance, date "Cash register - deposit from date" set one week in the past), the following must be done:
  1. meet previous requirements (1) and (2)
  2. open each document and through ''Payment'' slightly alter the amount (i.e. 36,55 -> 36.54) and confirm, then open ''Payment'' again and correct the altered amount to the initial value (i.e. 36,54 -> 36,55). It is the only method to create a cash register for selected documents.