For selected orders, it is possible to determine which template will be used when printing the invoice or offer. Furthermore, for each country, a background may be determined with translated and adapted company data, logo, etc. Preparing different backgrounds beforehand, as described in instructions for Adding backgrounds for outgoing documents, is required.

Steps for adding new background:

  1. Select "Report background",
  2. Click on ''New entry'',
  3. In "Reports" select different reports, for which the selected background should be considered. Typically Domestic and Foreign invoices, offers, Credit notes, and Sales orders.
  4. For "Customer country" restrict to country. If the background should adapt to the online store, leave the ''customer country'' field empty and select the individual online store.
  5. For "Background" select one of the existing backgrounds, which was previously added to MetaKocka
  6. Save. 

After completing the procedure, verify the correctness of determining background. This can be done by reprinting the document (i.e. invoice) for a particular country