1.  User account in MetaKocka

On the landing page, click the "Test for free" button and enter user and company data, which will be the Order Management user.

2. Company data, users, and transaction account data

Complete data provided at registration, enter users, import stock - instructions 

3. Fiscal cash register

Follow the instructions to configure the fiscal cash register for invoice verification at FURS 

4. Establishing a connection with the online store(s)

Depending on the online store platform, the following connections are available:

Woocommerce - instructions for integration

Shopify -instructions for integration

CS Cart -instructions for integration

Shopamine - instructions for integration

PrestaShop - instructions for integration

Magento 2.x - instructions for integration

Magento 1.9 -  instructions for integration

Other platforms - use API - instructions for developers

5. Delivery services 

Set up/insert a link with your selected delivery service

6. Additional settings

In additional settings set up a connection with the online store (matching type of payments, initial order, mapping tax rates...) and assign appropriate delivery service according to

7. Mandrill  - Notification via e-mail - (notification about delivery with tracking number, completed order with invoice) 

  • A payable MailChimp account must be registered (Standard package)
  • Mandrill domain must be entered in your DNS - instructions
  • The connection with MetaKocka must be created - instructions
  • Webhooks need to be activated - instructions
  • Texts for sending must be prepared (for notifications about sending and about invoice) in each language - find attached the template file that you can complete
  • Templates need to be inserted into Mandrill (Outbound, temples, create templates)

8. Additional tax numbers/ foreign tax rates (managed by support) 

  • provide the support with country, tax number, and beginning of validity
  • If you want to have different company data displayed (company name, contacts, or transaction account), appropriate documents and background needs to be prepared, with foreign tax number and any different company contact information being entered in the header. Instructions for preparing a document background, which should be forwarded to support that configures appropriate tools for individual country/tax number.

7. Additional notification - sms 

  • SMS -  for each customer in the case of a failed delivery, message templates (in each language) need to be configured 

Message example: Dear, we are informing you that we were not able to deliver your parcel (number XXXXX) from the COMPANY/ web page. If you want to arrange another delivery, please contact XXXXXXXX (GLS).

Nexmo account needs to be activated - instructions

8. Automatic invoice verification on FURS

  • Activated to ensure that invoices and credit notes despite not being printed are still verified at FURS accordingly Instructions

Use of Order management:

1.  Order Management - Individual order - editing, status overview, deleting an order

2. Order Management - Overview of received orders, creating invoices, printing labels of delivery services, tracking an order

3. Editing addresses -  Instructions