In business operations, it happens that due to a huge number of orders, the product is added/imported multiple times with very similar product codes, names, and descriptions during a simultaneous entry of multiple users.

Adding products multiple times can cause a lot of inconvenience:

  • stock is recorded/fragmented, as it is recorded for the same product under multiple product codes, reviewing product stock is time-consuming
  • reviewing sales/purchases for certain products is more complicated since quantities and amounts need to be summed up,
  • product cart not showing chronologically correct workflow with the product

Since this is a frequent issue, we are glad to announce an upgrade - the option to merge products independently (with no help from support being necessary) as soon as you notice a duplicated entry for the product.

Functionality can be found in Tools - Registers - Products, as shown below:


After clicking on the ''Merge products'' button, a dialog will open (as shown below), where the product, that will be merged with the other one, should be selected. Simultaneously with merging, changing the product ID, product code, and product name on the existing documents (using such an option is suggested only in case of emergency since the entry will be changed on all documents and in case of being recorded on the sales orders, such would have to be resent to customers, since the content of the invoice has been changed). takes place, as part of the additional option added


By clicking on Merge, products will merged and the records of the ''targeted'' product will be preserved, while the transactions, supplies, and all other records related to business operations with the merged product will be transferred simultaneously to the respective product code.

Currently, merging does not apply to the following products:

  • products with lot/serial numbers
  • products with compounds or normative (coming soon in the following updates)