The general import of a tracking code serves to copy one of the order identifiers or tracking code together with cash on delivery payment checksum to an Excel file made for such a purpose. After successful import, the order, together with the invoice, is marked as paid.

Delivery - COD payments import - general

In Order Management, go to Delivery - COD payments import

Import file

Import file example can be downloaded from the application by clicking on the ''Import file example'' button. Bear in mind, that at least one identifier of the order for which we received cash on delivery payment, must be entered, such as: Order number or the Customer's order from the online store or the tracking code. If there is more data entered for the same order in the table, the comparison is done from the left to the right. If the date of COD payment is not provided, then it is the same as today's date.

Marking payments and date of COD payment received

Upon successful import, the order and invoice are marked as paid with ''COD payment'' with the appropriate date provided (or import date, if that one is not provided).


The importing file also contains the ''Checksum'' column. In the case of conducting an inspection on the equality between the order amount and COD payment amount, the value can be entered in the ''Checksum'' field. In case of deviations, a respective error message will be displayed (see the picture below). Also, in such a case, the COD payment amount is not added to the order.

The value must be entered in the ''E'' column, while the column has to be named ''Checksum''.

In case of deviations, errors will be displayed below the table.

Payment monitoring and recording - First payment

If the customer is paying the order in installments and the first installment is paid once the order is received, use the ''First payment'' column to enter the value of the first payment.

The respective checksum is executed and the first installment payment is registered.

The value must be entered in the ''F'' column, while the column has to be named ''First payment''.

Change of payment method when importing COD payment  
 If you enter the value in the ''G'' column, the payment method will be updated on the order when importing COD payment.

Overview of past imports statuses

Through ''past imports'', the status of previous imports can be checked as well as an overview of the content of import - by clicking on ''U'', a past import file can be downloaded.

Checking order numbers for merged orders

When having merged orders, each order needs to be checked individually. For the entry below, it will be checked whether the orders with numbers PP-26531 and PP-26532 exist. The credit note will be created only once since these numbers are connected to one (the same) order.

In the case of having orders in OM with the following order numbers: "PP-26531, PP-26532", you may enter the following values in Excel:

  • PP-26531
  • PP-26532
  • PP-26531, PP-265 (cut)

and the program will either way find the respective order. In the case of actually having order PP-265, the following error will be shown: ''Order with order number = PP-26531, PP-265 has more than one order in Order Management''.

Order re-import

In case of having errors in the import file and you would like to fix them directly in the Excel file, you can re-import the entire file. If the order already has a payment, in the case of re-importing it, no additional payment will be added, but the following error will be displayed: